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(Excerpts from the Visitors’ Book)


My visit to the Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences, Bhiwani has been extremely satisfying and pleasant one. It is rate to find an educational Institution so totally committed to providing practical education under working conditions to its students. I am sure that this particular aspect of training will ensure that the Institute retains its status as a premier institution in the area of textiles for a long time to come. I wish the management, staff and all the students the very best in the years to come”.

G.Venkat Swamy

Minister of State for Textiles, Govt. of India

(Chief Guest for Golden Jubilee Function)


“………………. I have been most impressed with all that I saw and I wish the Institute every success in continuing to provide a first class education in Textiles and Computer Science………..”

Prof. John Tarrant

Vice Chancellor, University of Huddersfield, UK


“……………… It was a memorable visit. We were greatly impressed by the ethos of the Society and the commitment of senior management to both quality and educational goals; by the strong academic leadership of the Director and the clearly supportive management of the President; by the synergy achieved by the textile college and textile factory working closely together by the open and self critical approach adopted at all levels during our discussions; by the liveliness and intelligence of the students; and by the dedication and commitment to improvement on the part of the staff……………….”

Prof. B.S. Lee

Dean of School of Computing & Mathematics,

University of Huddersfield, UK (Leader of the Visiting Panel)


“ The Rieters delegation very much enjoyed its stay on  occasion of the Rieter Award ceremony at TITS on 27-8-92. We could feel and see why this Institute achieved the reputation of being one of the most excellent colleges for Textile Technology in India……………”

H. Krug, W.Klein, J.Büchler

The Rieters Delegation


“ Our visit to Bhiwani was a memorable occasion. The union of a textile mill with a college as a team for educating and training the future managers of the Indian textile industry, as well as its technology specialists and educators is a remarkable achievement – and a great tribute to the vision of Mr.Birla…………”

John W.S. Hearle

Emeritus Professor of Textile Technology,

University of Manchester Institute of Sc.&Tech (UMIST), UK


“………………. Here at TITS you have a perfect relationship. The Factory is next door, Factory  Management is cooperative and the students get a super introduction to their chosen careers. I commend all this as an example to the World. Long way you prosper in these excellent ways.”

D.E. Lloyd Jones

Deptt, of Education & Science ,UK, London


“……………….This Technical Institute is an example of the best way of training technicians and professionals. Only proper combination of theory and practice can train men. Particularly the link between these students and the lives of the workers, directly involvwed in production gives them a comprehensive formation and provides them with an important experience so as to better appreciate life in general…………………………”

Mr.Jose Perez Novoa

Cuban Ambassador in India


“……………… your Institute is a most advanced educational Institute in India which has unique training facilities in a factory attached to it”.


Prof. Soda Toshi Ihara

Waseda University Tokyo, Japan


“……… This Institute must be the only one in the World with College and mill combined, where students can receive both theory and actual mill practice. In my future visits round the mills in India I shall watch out for past students working in the mills to complete the story. My best wishes for future prosperity of the Institute and the Textile Industry”.

A.E. Curran

Technical Representative,

Messers Platt. Bors. Oldham, England


“The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences is an institution of its kind in India and generally in the developing world since it ties up training in science, technology and industries. It is a worthwhile venture worth utilizing its facilities. I am sure Tanzania will benefit significantly by sending her nationals to this Institute. I must say that I am ver much impressed by the facilities available and academic staff currently existing. It is a reputable Institute. Please carry on with the exemplary work and we are all behind you”.


Dy.Director for Higher Education,

Daresalaam, Tanzania



“………….. At the Institute they impart both theoretical as well as practical education. I wish them all the best in their endeavour and express my gratitude for the attention bestowed on us”.


Eduardo Rodriquey Yanez

Director, Combinado Textile Desembarco,

Del Granma, Carreters A Camajuani, Kilometro 4, Sta, Clara


“……………… I donot know another institution in this part of the Country – including medical colleges and engineering colleges – which is managed and run  better than this Institute.  In fact, other institutions in Haryana have a great deal to learn from here as regards the management of their hostels, games and co-curricular activities…………As an institution of textile engineering, the Institute leaves nothing to be desired……….. All in all, I am proud that we (the M.D. University) have this Institute within our affiliating jurisdiction.”

Hardwari Lal

Vice Chancellor, M.D. University, Rohtak



“……………….I have no doubt that the standard of education, practical training and discipline, as achieved by the students of the Institute, will not only be maintained but improved and the alumni will bring credit to the Institution.”


G.C. Agarwal, Lt.General (Retd.)

Vice Chancellor, M.D. University, Rohtak



“ The Technological Institute of Textiles, Bhiwani is a pioneer Textile Institute of its kind in the country, imparting education and technical knowhow in all branches of textile technology. It has also the distinctiuon of conducting Master’s Degree in Management Science and Doctoral research programmes of M.D. University. It is a matter of great pride that we have an Institute of this kind within the territorial jurisdiction of our University………………………”

Brig.O.P.Chaudhry, VSM (Retd)

Vice Chancellor, M.D. University, Rohtak



“ I was extremely happy to visit TITS, Bhiwani on 16 October, 1998. It provided me an opportunity to see one of the oldest professional institutions of our Country………………. Studies being pursued at the Institute are deep and concentrate on skill and knowledge. They are blessed with a TIT Mill attached to the Institute which enables them to have practical training in situation. All the departments were efficiently organized and displayed genuine proficiency. Students were a happy lot whose propriety of conduct and good behaviour left a marked impression on me. Sense of attachment and dedication showed by them gave me an impression that they will make very good members of a team wherever they go on culmination of their study. On the whole the visit was very enjoyable and educative and I am proud of having TITS as part of my University”.

O.P. Kaushik

Vice Chancellor, M.D. University, Rohtak



“We were pleasantly surprised to find that the College is of a very high standard and the faculty is very dedicated, sincere, efficient and hard working. The plant & equipment are excellent and well diversified. This College attached to a Spinning Mill is a very rare and unique combination – perhaps one of its kind in the world. The students seem to be very smart, intelligent, well behaved and efficient. May God bless them and all others associated with the College…………….We are sure that the College is bound to achieve greater heights”.

B.K. Birla & Sarala Birla



“ It has been a pleasure this stay of 24 hours at the T.I.T. I was shown round the Institute, its laboratories, museum and class rooms. I also saw the factory associated with the Institute. It was instructive to see the various processes from start to finish. The factory was an clean as one could wish. This association of a Textile mill with an Institute of Textile Technology where students can have factory training on the spot and for as long as they receive instructions at the Institute is unique in India and not frequent in the western World. The Birla family deserve thanks and gratitude of their countrymen for their far sighted policy in this direction”.

Dewan Anand Kumar

Vice Chancellor, Punjab University


“………………..Today I had the opportunity to visit this unique Institute once more. It is doing such useful work and, in a sense, building the capital assets of the country, as to be a guarantee that the future of our textile industry will be bright and assured. I wish the staff, which is of high order, and all those connected with the management of the Institute, greater success. I cannot complete this appreciation without paying my tribute to Shri Birla, for his foresight and generosity”.

N.V. Gadgil

Governor of Punjab


“ I visited the Technological Institute of Textiles, Bhiwani, today. I went round the different sections of the College and saw students at work in the Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, Bleaching and Printing sections. I was most imressed with the upto-date methods followed in these Workshops. The facilities for doing research are also adequate and the library contains all useful books and journals. The students also have the benefit of practical training in the Cotton Textile Mill which is under the same Management. My impression was that it is one of the most well equipped institutions in the Country. I was also pleased to know that the students make full use of these facilities and that there has been no student unrest in this Institution………..”

B.N. Chakravarty

Governor, Haryana


“ I visited the T.I.T on the 3rd March, 1978 during my visit to Bhiwani. I was highly pleased to go round it. I saw various departments and sections of it. The Mill, which is attached with it, is an added advantage. The students take practical training in this which is very important. Very well equipped laboratories which the T.I.T has given opportunity to the students for research. The library has wonderful collection of books. I wish we have more of such type of institutions in the Country”.

H.S. Brar

Governor of Haryana


“ I was pleased to visit the Technological Institute of Textile, Bhiwani (Haryana) on September 25, 1986 when I was invited to inaugurate the Youth Festival. On this occasion I saw their laboratory which is very well equipped and also the library which is stocked with a large number of useful technical books of reference and journals of general and special interests. I must say that the arrangements made for the practical training of the students in the Cotton Textile Mill which is also under the same management, has proved very useful. I think that it is one of the best institutions of its kind in the country. The management and the staff under the able guidance of the Principal deserve congratulations for maintaining high standards of training and an untarnished reputation of discipline in the Institute”.

S.M.H. Burney

Governor of Haryana


“ Our visit to TITS, Bhiwani was indeed not only very interesting – it is also educative and informative. The labs impressed us a lot. Wish the Institute all success – in service of the humanity and the nation”.


Justice A.S. Anand

Supreme Court of India

Approvals & Affiliations

All India Council for Technical Education

Directorate of Technical Education Govt of Haryana

Dayanand  University


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