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Student Activities

For the harmonious growth of an integrated personality the students are exposed to academic, scientific, literary and cultural influences. The faculty and those managing the Institute wish their alumni to grow into self-reliant and dutiful citizens, mentally alert and imbued with a robust common sense and a healthy outlook on life. In order to promote self-administration and to encourage maximum participation in various activities in the campus a number of societies have been setup. The diversity of options inside TIT&S classrooms is mirrored by the spectrum of opportunities outside the class. These activities form a valuable part of the training. It also gives an opportunity to the students to interact with students of other colleges. All the societies are student-governed.


The technical society has been formed by and for the students to express their creative thinking on varied subjects of literary, general awareness, science and technology. It helps in exposing the students to the rigors of various fields as well as gives them a chance to indulge in the mysteries of the extra-curricular activities. It exposes the students to various fields in addition to extra-curricular activities.


In addition, there is plenty of emphasis on development of softer aspects like team building and group cohesiveness through personality development labs and workshops.


This society concerns itself with the rejuvenation of students. Circulation of newspapers, magazines & other reading matter; regular screening of movies, educational documentaries is also managed by the society.


The society is a launch pad for the students to showcase their ideas and present their technical innovations to the world. It is responsible for holding inter college events like Tecknobyte, Mystica apart from other intra-college events viz. quizzes, paper-presentation, software design competition etc.

Maverick Society

The Society emphasises in developing students unorthodox nature and setting them free to develop their skills. The endeavor of the society is to provide an atmosphere for TITians to prepare confident and enthusiastic. It allows students to curb their hesitations and work innovatively in all aspects. It not only makes students technically strong but also improve their mental skills, general knowledge and most importantly Team-Spirit.



The council is responsible for management of student activities and related affairs. A few of the elite members are Chief Prefect, Chief Captain, Social Secretary, heads of all societies and the game captains.

Approvals & Affiliations

All India Council for Technical Education

Directorate of Technical Education Govt of Haryana

Dayanand  University


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