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There are Four Boy's hostels and a separate girls hostel having a total of 500 single seated rooms with a large dining hall and a cafeteria. All the Hostel rooms are fitted with ceiling fans. A fully Vegetarian hostel mess is run by students themselves on the co-operative basis under the guidance of designated  faculty member. Hostel accommodation would be allotted strictly on 'First Come First Served ' basis.

Hostel area also have Alumni home for pass-out students, VIP Guest house and guest house facility for college guests and parents. Hostel also provide sports facilities for students with various indoor and outdoor games. Various outdoor games consist of Cricket, Hockey, volleyball, Basketball, Football, Lawn Tennis etc. and indoors have Badminton, Table Tennis, Carom and Chess etc.

Married girls can not stay in the students' hostel . if any girl student marries before completion of the course she will have to leave the hostel. Male students who voluntarily opt to live outside during the first year of the course would not be allowed to stay in the hostel during subsequent years. All the Hostel Residents are required to abide by the Hostel Rules. Any violation of the Hostel rules will be viewed seriously. The Hostel wardens are fully competent to deal with the residents in the manner the situation demands.

Hostel rent is payable in advance in 2 installments 

Sr. No. Name of Hostel Capacity Room Type Residents
1. Lakshmi Bhawan 120 Cubical Boys
2. Saraswati Bhawan 120 Cubical Boys
3. Aryaman Bhawan 91 Cubical Boys
4. Vidya Bhawan 81 Duplex Boys
5. Girls Hostel 50 Duplex Girls
6. Sarla Bhawan 105 Duplex Girls


Vidya Bhawan

Aryaman Bhawan

Saraswati Bhawan

Laxmi Bhawan

Sarla Bhawan

Girls Mess

Boys Mess



Approvals & Affiliations

All India Council for Technical Education

Directorate of Technical Education Govt of Haryana

Dayanand  University


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