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R & D

As we are a part of such a large organization where scholars keep on their researches it makes us to provide research and development page which contains information about various projects running under the supervision of TITS organization. We are a well renowned name for excellent researches in the field of textile as well as other streams. The research works carried out by our scholars and faculty members have been published in various reputed technical journals in INDIA as well as abroad. A few noteworthy publications (in the year 2001-02) by our faculty members are given below:

IJFTR - Indian journal of fiber & textile research
IJT - Indian textile journal
AJT - Asian textile journal
MMTI - Man-made textiles in India
KJCAM - Pure and applied mathematical science
PAMS - Pure and Applied Mathematical Science

 Effect of Fibre x-Sectional shape on handle characteristics of polyester - viscose and polyester  cotton ring and MJS yarn Fabrics, IJFRT Dec 2006, GK Tyagi and P.Madhusoodhanan

Effect of Fibre cross section on comfort characteristics of ring and MJS yarn fabrics, Melliand international, Jan - Feb, 2006, GK Tyagi,Ashvani Goyal, SS Mahish and P.Madhusoodanan


Performance characteristics of mercerised ring and compact spun yarns produced at varying level of twist and traveler wf.,  IJFTR, Sept. 2007, S.Dhamija and Manpreet Manshahia

Influence of material parameters and thermal treatment on structure and properties of polyester airjet spun yarn, IJFTR, June  2007, S.S. Mahish, S.K. Punj & Gagandeep Singh

Structural & Mechanical characteristics of polyester dref -3 yarns in relation to fibre profile and    annealing treatment, IJFTR, March 2007, GK Tyagi,Kaushal Raj and J.Singh

Investigation on cotton ring and OE Rotor yarn characteristics; Part -1 Effect of caustic and enzymatic scouring treatments on dye uptake and mechanical characteristics, IJFTR, Sec 2007, GK Tyagi, Ashvani Goyal, DP Gon and DK Mahajan.

Low Temperature bleaching of cotton, IJFTR Dec 2006, SK Malik and Manoj Das

Effect of Nozzle pressure and twist on acrylic MJS yarn, Textile Asia, July 2007, SS Mahish, SK Punj, A.Tuli.

Hand Related properties of polyester viscose and polyester cotton, ring and MJS yarn fabrics - Effects of fabre profile and finishing treatment, IJFTR, June 2008, GK Tyagi, S.Bhattacharya and P.Kumar

-        Environmental Scanning in Indian Textile Companies, Journal of the Textile Association, Vol.67, 2006, Sharma S.K, Giri Sunil & Mangla Deepa.


-       Competitive Advantage through Coordination in Supply Chain, Sandesh, Mastnath Journal of Management, Vol.1, No.1, 2006, Sharma S.K, Giri Sunil & Sharma Ajay.


-         Effect of Fibre cross-sectional shape on handle Characteristics of Polyester-Viscose and Polyester-Cotton Ring and MJS Yarn Fabrics, Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research 31(2006), 496, G.K. Tyagi, et.al.


-         Effect of Spinning conditions on Characteristics of Polyester-Viscose MJS Core Yarns, Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research, 31 (2006), 515, G.K. Tyagi.


-          Characteristics of PET DREF-3 Yarns in Relation to Fibre Profile and Spinning Speed, Melliand International, 4(12) (2006), 287, G.K.Tyagi, et.al.

    • Polyester-Viscose and Polyester-Cotton MJS Yarns Compared, Textile Asia, 11(37) (2006), 29, G.K. Tyagi, et.al

-                    Performance Characteristics of mercerized ring  and compact-spun yarns produced at varying levels of twist and traveler weight, S.Dhamija & Manpreet Manshahia, Communicated to Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research.


  • -         Care Labelling in Garment Industry, The Indian Textile Journal,Aug.2006, Suman Bhattacharya, K.N. Chatterjee.


  • -         Studies on Bio-pretreatment of Cotton, Textile Trends, May, 2006, 37-40, A.K.Patra & Arun Arora.


  • -          Studies on Pigment Dyeing of Cotton by Exhaust Method, Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research, 450-459, A.K.Patra, S.Bhoumik, H.Kaur.


  •           Colour Forecasting, Textile Asia, April, 2006, K.N.Chatterjee.


  • -         RFID : Tagging the new era – Communicated to Indian Textile Journal, K.N.Chatterjee.


  • -         Reduction of Warp Breakages by effective control of strain on warp yarn in Jute loom – Communicated to Textile Industry & Trade Journal, K.N.Chatterjee.


  • -       Moisture on Jute and its effect on warp yarn during weaving – Communicated to Textile Industry & Trade Journal, K.N. Chatterjee.


  • -         Seamless Garments : An Overview, Asian Textile Journal, April, 2006, R.K. Nayak, S.S. Mahish.


  • -         Effect of Substituting modified polyester for cotton in ring spun polyester/cotton blended yarn fabrics, Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research, June, 2006, S.S. Mahish, S.K. Punj, Bhawna Banwari.


  • -       Properties of Air-jet Textured Yarns, Asian Textile Journal, July, 2006, S.S. Mahish, S.K. Punj, V.K. Kothari.


  • -        Flame Retardancy in Textiles – Scope of Nano-technology, Asian Textile Journal, November, 2006, S.S. Mahish, S.Mukherjee.


  • -        Colour Psychology & Perception, Asian Dyer, Dec. 2006, S.S. Mahish, R.K. Nayak.


  • -        Optimised Manufacturing Technique of Air-rich Yarn, Melliand International, Dec. 2006, S.S. Mahish, D.P. Gon.


  • -         Influence of Material Parameters & Thermal Treatment on Structure & Properties of Polyester Air-jet Spun Yarn, Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research, Accepted (In Press), S.S. Mahish, S.K. Punj, Gagandeep Singh.


  • -         Colour Forecasting, Textile Asia, July, 2006, 28-32, Ashvani Goyal, et. al.


  • -         Some Quality Aspects of Cotton Ring and Compact Spun Yarn, Man-made Textile in India, July, 2006, 271-273, Ashvani Goyal, et. al.


  • -        Flame Retardant Textiles – Scope of Nano-technology – Communicated to Asian Textile Journal, Sandip Mukherjee, et.al.


  • -       Reduction of warp breakage by effective control of strain on warp yarn during weaving – Communicated to Textile Industry & Trade Journal, Sandip Mukherjee, et.al.


  • -        Moisture in Jute and its effect on warp yarn during weaving – Communicated to Textile Industry & Trade Journal, Sandip Mukherjee, et.al.
  • -        Properties of Airjet Yarn in the light of radial distribution of fibre, Asian Textile Journal, Aug. 2006, Amal Chowdhury, et.al.
  • -       Surgical Gown : A Critical Review – Communicated to Journal of Industrial Textile, Harinder Arora, et.al.
  • -       An Efficient one pat synthesis of 3-(1-Naphthyl) and 4-Methyl-3-(1-Naphthyl) coumarins using phase transfer catalysis, Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, 91, 2006, Surender Kaushik, et.al.
  • -         An Analytical Study of Physicians’ Behaviour towards marketing of pharamaceutical products, Indian Journal of Marketing, Nov. 2006, Girish Taneja, et.al.

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