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Campus & Infrastructure

  “No expense, no effort, no sacrifice is too great to provide the right type of education to our students”

  Dr. G.D. Birla                                

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The total land area available with the TIT&S Society governing the Institute is 112 acres out of which an area of 1,09,694 Sqm. is exclusively at the disposal of the Institute which includes the Institute’s main building with a spacious auditorium in the centre, laboratories, boys' and girls' hostels, staff quarters, playground etc., etc.




AUDITORIUM - An acoustically designed auditorium with a huge seating capacity is available for lectures, seminars and cultural activities.





 New Tech Block

NEW TECHNOLOGY BLOCK - The newly constructed Technology Block accommodates the Departments of Computer Engg., Information Technology and Electronics with well-equipped labs and spacious lecture theatres, conference rooms, seminars halls and faculty offices.





OPEN AIR THEATRE - The Hostel Campus also has an Open Air Theatre where various cultural events including annual functions like Freshers’ Day, Farewell function etc., are organised.





  Conference Room

CONFERENCE ROOMS - The Institute has 5 spacious conference rooms wherein the soft skills of the students are developed through various conferences, seminars, group discussions etc.






Computer Lab


COMPUTER & IT LABS - The Institute has 400 Computer & IT Labs fully equipped with latest state-of-the-art technology hardware and software facilities.





Computer Lab


COMPUTER- AIDED DESIGNING CENTRE - The Institute has a Centre for Computer Aided Designing equipped with the hardware and software of Lectra Systems (France) along with the designing software from Computer Design Inc. USA.



HOSTELS - One of the key contributors to intensive and effective learning experience is the facility of living on campus. The Institute provides residential facilities and has separate hostels for boys & girls. The Boys Hostel is segregated into 4 aptly named spacious buildings having around 600 single seated rooms surrounded by lush green gardens with a pleasant and salubrious appearance. The Girls Hostel comprises 2 buildings having the capacity to accommodate 150 students.




MESS - The students Mess for boys is run on co-operative basis by the students under the guidance of a faculty member while the Mess for girls is being run by a contractor whose quality of food and general hygienic conditions are under constant supervision of the Institute’s administration.




ATHLETICS & SPORTS - In addition to their academic attainment, the performance of our students on the playfields is equally worthy of note. Participation in sports is compulsory for all students. It is an impressive sight to see the comity outlook and interests emerging from the adoption of common dress and participation in sports. All the time when disintegration threatens to affect our very existence it is heartening to see the problems of communalism, casteism, regionalism and linguism overcome effectively under the influence of a common culture, environment and tradition. 


FITNESS CENTRES - Fitness Centres have been provided both in Boys and Girls Hostels equipped with the state-of-the-art fitness equipment under the guidance of a Professional Fitness Coach so as to enable the students to maintain their physical fitness standards.


Approvals & Affiliations

All India Council for Technical Education

Directorate of Technical Education Govt of Haryana

Dayanand  University


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