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July 21, 2017

Disciplinary Committee

The following Disciplinary Committee is hereby constituted for the students :-

            Prof. S.K. Sharma                            -           Convener

            Dr. Mukesh Sharma                          -           Member

            Dr. Ashvani Goyal                              -           Member

            Sh Kamal Sardana                            -           Member

            Dr. Jyoti Chaudhary                           -           Member

            Ms Amandeep Kaur                          -           Member

            Shri Satish Khatak                             -           Member

            Dr. Sunil Rohilla                                  -           Member

The Committee will ensure discipline among students in the Institute and hostel premises and recommend the undersigned action to be taken for any kind of indiscipline created by the students.

Additional work, if required in connection with discipline, may be assigned to the Committee by the undersigned.


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